Fort Crook Lodge 250 F&AM

Adin Lodge 250 met on the second floor of this building on Main Street, north of the historic Adin Supply. 

Old downtown Adin. 

Alturas Lodge had not yet received its charter when about a dozen brothers at Adin, in the extreme southern part of the county, (almost at the Lassen County line), were preparing to organize a Lodge.  Three of them - James Harvey Beecher, Albert Blaske and George Sharp Henderson – Had already withdrawn from Alturas for that purpose.  It was they who also accounted for the three withdrawals in Alturas’ first returns.  Little is known of their organizational activities beyond the fact that their Lodge, named Adin, received its dispensation from Grand Master John Browne on July 11, 1878, and its charter on the 10th of the following October. 

Leonidas Hamlin Hopkins was its first Master; Henderson, one of the Alturas demitters, was Senior Warden; and Elisha Parker Grubbs was the Junior Warden. The two other Alturas withdrawers, Blaske and Beecher, were Treasurer and Secretary respectively. 

Adin, named after Adin McDowell, (a Kentuckian who settled in Big Valley in 1869), was hardly a speck on the map in those days, but it had possibilities.  Its Lodge’s first returns revealed an enrollment of 14 Master Masons.  By 1890, it had 39.  Then, after forty-four years of seesawing during which it ranged anywhere from 28 to 72, it started downward from its all-time high of 84. 

Beyond this, the story of Adin Lodge 250 is short.  The unostentatious men composing it alw3ays went about their humble daily pursuits in their own, quiet matter-of-fact way with little thought of applause or glory.  Save in the Roster of Lodges, their names have seldom been known beyond Adin and its neighboring communities.  No biographical sketches of them have come down through the years.  Yet, by taking their Masonry seriously and living up to its teachings, that made an imperishable contribution to the craft in their own little corner of the world. 

On September 1, 1988, Adin Lodge #250 joined with Fort Crook #575 and they became Fort Crook Lodge #250. 

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Adin Lodge 250