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In November of 1935 when Grand Master Earl Warren arrived at Tulelake, in Siskiyou County, to constitute Canby Cross Lodge #679, it was discovered no one had brought along the California Book of Masonic Ceremonies necessary to do a proper rendition of the ritual.  But, since it was only a few miles to Oregon, a member of the Lodge was sent to procure the book of Oregon Masonic ceremonies.   As a result, Canby Cross was duly constituted according to the Oregon ritual which, for the purpose used, was as satisfactory as that of California. 

Located in Siskiyou County, just south of the Oregon State line, Candy Cross Lodge #679 of Tulelake was the northernmost lodge in California.  It was organized by 15 brothers who received a dispensation from Grand Master Randolph V. Whiting April 24, 1935.  Earl Fleming Ager, Raymond DeWitt Abel and Ralph Andrew Ganger were respectively its first Master, Senior and Junior Wardens.  At the time it received its charter the following October 10, it filed returns on 22 Master Masons and then grew to 113 members.  

Like virtually every other lodge of its age, Canby Cross Lodge had a few noticeable experiences in the realm of history and tradition.  Yet, it enjoyed the distinction of being the only California lodge constituted with an out-of-state ritual since the gold days. 

On August 1, 1998, Canby Cross Lodge #679 joined Alturas Lodge #248. 

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Canby Cross Lodge #679

Canby Cross Trowel

Former location of Canby Cross Lodge #679, now Tulelake City Hall.