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King Solomon's Temple

References to the construction of King Solomon's temple at Jerusalem have been included in the rituals of Free Masonry since ancient times. One of the most learned and distinguished of the early English Freemasons was the Rev Dr George Oliver DD, who studied and wrote extensively on ecclesiastical antiquities and all aspects of speculative Freemasonry. He was descended from an ancient Scottish family of that name, some of who moved to England in the time of King James I. In 1801 he was initiated in St Peter's Lodge in the city of Peterborough, by his father the Rev Samuel Oliver. In his renowned work, the Revelations of the Square, Dr Oliver says:

 "The Society adopted the Temple of Solomon for its symbol, because it was the most stable and the most magnificent structure that ever existed, whether we consider its foundation or superstructure; so that of all the societies men have invented, no one was ever more firmly united, or better planned, than the Masons . . . The edifices which Freemasons build are nothing more than virtues or vices to be erected or destroyed; and in this case heaven only occupies their minds, which soar above the corrupted world. The Temple of Solomon denotes reason and intelligence."

Today, Masonic Lodge rituals are built around the construction of King Solomon's Temple.  For more information on this subject, go to: