Fort Crook Lodge 250 F&AM

Fort Crook Lodge 250 has a long and rich history.  It was originally established as Fort Crook Lodge #575 and received its charter on November 1, 1923.  It is now comprised of former California Lodges:

  • Surprise Valley (Modoc) Lodge 235
  • Alturas Canby Cross Lodge 248
  • Adin Lodge 250
  • North East Lodge 266
  • Fort Crook Lodge 575
  • Canby Cross Lodge 679

Another Lodge, Fall River Lodge 270, was chartered October 11, 1993, but lost its charter three years later. 

What follows on these pages is the history of the above lodges, researched by Eugene T. Asher and helped by Janet Vaughn, with later updates and slight revisions by Robert A. Boyce in 2015. 

History of Fort Crook Lodge 250 F&AM and Affiliated Lodges