Hello Brothers, 

Its been over a year since we have been allowed to gather for a meeting.  You may have heard some recent rumblings and rumors about in-person Meetings starting again.  The CA Grand Master has recently put out some guidelines for once again meeting in person.  Here’s what I know. 

Wo. Jim Crockett, Bro Bob Boyce and myself attended a Zoom School of Instruction meeting on April 21st for multiple Northern California Districts, in which these guidelines were discussed.  The guidelines were very restrictive (in our opinion) and would likely not work for our membership.  Included were items such as, placing a Brother at the door to inspect vaccination cards or proof of a recent (72 hrs) negative COVID test, seating chart prior to meeting night, and mandatory mask wearing regardless of vaccination or testing results.  We believe that such restrictions would make it very difficult or impossible to get a minimum attendance to even hold a stated meeting on the first degree. 

On a more positive note, the Governor of California has said that many or all restrictions could be lifted some time in June (we’ll see!).  IF that happens, it should soon follow that our Grand Master will likewise lift the restrictions for in-person Masonic meetings.  It was said in the Zoom meeting that the Grand Master will be issuing another advisory on June 15th in which this will be covered.  Lets cross our fingers and hope for some relief from this forced isolation. 

Brothers Jim, Bob, and myself as well as a few others we have spoken to, agree that we should wait until restrictions are lifted and we can get back to normal Stated Meetings.  As Master, this is my decision. 

Until then Brothers, stay well, stay safe, and hope to see you around town. 


Fraternally, Mark L. Stalcup

Master, Fort Crook #250

May 5, 2021

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