Fort Crook Lodge 250 F&AM

While Masonic rituals and modes of recognitions vary slightly from one jurisdiction to another, they are all true to "due and ancient form" in every duly constituted regular lodge. This means that the variation in wording found in one ritual when compared to another may be minor, yet in essence you will find that they all basically say the same thing. The same holds true for Modes of Recognition. Masons can recognize these signs even if their own jurisdiction performs them slightly differently.

As members participate in their lodge and activities,they grew as individuals and find stability and friendship. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to be a Member of the Masonic Fraternity.  Ask us about becoming a member today. 

Free Masons do have secret grips, handshakes, due guards, passwords and signs, which they learn as they progress through the various "degrees" of Masonry.  These are used so that Masons can recognize each other other as they travel from one Grand Lodge jurisdiction to another, (forms of Masonic practice vary slightly from area to area). 

There are also  various ancient and accepted rituals which are used to open and close lodge meetings and conduct business.  But, that is essentially the extent of Masonic "secrecy."  Masons are plain, ordinary people just like you, with no hidden agendas or conspiracies to indulge in. 

The "Mystery" of Free Masonry